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Paul Suchecki has just finished writing the political thriller Unborn Again . He has wriiten four biopic scripts for TMW Media's Black American Experience. For more than five years he wrote, produced, edited, and shot for LA City View 35, where he won a 2008 Emmy Award and 2009 STAR Award. He has written and shot for the speed boat series, "Liquid Extremes," and has written and segment produced for House Smarts TV, You Magazine and Fox 11 News where he wrote hundreds of news stories.

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He's the Editor / Webmaster of Reverse Aging News. and was the Editor / Webmaster of He has written for, the Malibu Times and Videomaker Magazine.

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In 2005 , Paul Suchecki shot the FIFA Interactive World Cup in LA, the Med Mark Clinic demo, and the pilot of Dean Adams Curtis Productions' "The Family Car." He also wrote, shot, and edited the National Association of Program Executives promo video for "We Talk Real Estate" and shot and cut "Krisha Sunday" for Current TV.

World Champ Kong Linghui
Clinton Country
Johnnie Cochran
Paul Suchecki has a history of working on health related projects. He wrote and produced for E! Entertainment Television about the Clinton Health Care debate being reduced to battling TV commercials, 1994. He was a segment producer on Fox TV’s “Trauma Center,” 1994. He wrote Bound by Blood, a novel about a med student who discovers he’s infected with the AIDS virus, 1993. He was a writer / field producer on Fox TV’s emergency rescue show “Code 3,“ 1992. He directed public service announcements about AIDS for Women at Risk, KTTV, KTLA, KCOP, 1991; Easter Seals, 1988, and for the National Autistic Children’s Foundation, with MASH star William Chrisopher 1986. He managed the production of “Living with Death” for ZDF-TV with Elizabeth Kuebler-Ross, Ram Dass, and Mrs. Aldous Huxley 1980.
Directing and Acting at Harvard
Non-fiction videography includes “'Straight Up with a Twist" Paul Stroli’s play 2001; The Democratic 2000 National Convention “Art of Protest,” political music video that he also directed; as a shooter for "Dream Pioneers" a science fiction documentary with director Frank Darabont and Oscar winners Dennis Muren and Phil Tippett 2000; and as a videographer for Goodwood Productions Ferrari Museum industrial 2000.
Paul Suchecki's industrials and home video work include shooting the World Championship Table Tennis, Osaka, Japan for Reflex Sports in 2001 and in Eindhoven, Netherlands, 1999; shooting a Wet Seal Training Video and “Johnnie Cochran Commercial” for Cam Producing Services, 2001; Editing DOA /Theatrical Terror's Convention video 2001; shooting a digital film demo for the Independent Feature Project in 1998; writing and producing the National Association of Broadcaster’s demo for the Broadcast Store, 1998, shooting it in 1999, 2000, 2001, producing it 2001, 2002 and 2003; producing and shooting Digital’s 2000 industrial; co-producing a fashion video for Zeppelin Clothes, 1985, and producing sales videos for SelecTV, and Cable Advertising Producers, 1983. He’s written produced and/or directed a dozen commercials.
California Shooting
He hit the streets in 1974 writing for WCVB’s “Nightwatch” about Boston’s white flight. In Harlem he managed a piece on gangs, for ZDF-TV, 1978 . He also covered LA gangs as the co-producer of “La Vida Loca,” 1983. He was a field producer for Fox TV’s “Cops,” 1992 For Fox News he produced “Gangs No More,” a two-part sweeps special about an LA County city that is winning the gang war, 1993.
Directing Live

For his magazine series, VTI Showcase that he wrote and produced for Simmons Cable, 1986-1989, he reported news segments on star struck teens becoming Hollywood hookers, the assault rifle ban, teen suicide, illegal immigration, gun & drug dealing, drunk driving, earthquakes, as well as lighter subjects like a winery tour, the Queen Mary's 50th birthday, a school for psychics, and a look at Tienamen Sq. through ex-patriates.

Harlem 1978
Stand Up for Chinese Democracy 1989 Directing Musicians

His musical work includes directing and editing “Accept Me” Ulysses’ music video, 1990; “So You Want to be a Star,” with Monkey Meet, 1989; “What Jazz Band?” a documentary portrait of the Wilson High group, 1989; “Gunsale Man”a music video with Arti Parti, 1985; as Director of Photography and Editor of “Milantha” music video by Lena Gibson, 1981; and as the production manager of “In Hollywood’s Backyard,” a portrait of Topanga Canyon, ARD-TV with Billy Preston and Canned Heat, 1980.

IFILM webcast several short dramas and comedies that Mr. Suchecki wrote and directed that showed originally on Simmons Cable. Among these were the medical black comedy “Lies that Ring True,” 1986; “Seven Sevens, a drama about the fickleness of luck in love & dice and “Love Never Fades;,” a romantic comedy, about a shy freshman troubled by involuntary invisibility, 1986. He most popular short was “Hollywood Vice,” with Crocker and Tubby, the Miami Vice satire, 1987. In 1992 he was First Assistant Director of the Ross Hagan directed feature ,"The Media Madman."

Ski Resort Commercial Summer in the South

As a still photographer he’s shot in Death Valley, Grand Canyon, The Great Smokies, Bryce, Zion, Sequoia, Kings Canyon, Arcadia, Yosemite, Rocky Mountain, Shenandoa, Joshua Tree and Everglades National Parks, the White Mountains, Berkshires, Cape Cod National Seashore, the Pine Barrens, Germany’s Grunewald, the Swiss Alps, Jamaica, Bimini, Grand Bahama Island, Mexico, the Canadian Maritime Provinces, the California Channel Islands, Sierra’s Crystal Caves and Virginia’s Luray Caverns. He’s photographed across most of the Unites States and has also shot in Montreal, London, Paris, Rome, Berlin, Warsaw, Prague, Munich, Osaka, Kyoto, Nara, Tokyo, Venice, Krakow, Auschwitz, Naples, Pompeii, Zurich, Basel, Amsterdam, Innsbruck and the Vatican.

His additional writing includes work as a business writer for Loan Toolbox, and as a writer / photographer for Bay Cities Community Reporter in 2005 covering the Venice Centennial and the Rosendahl Inauguration;; as a writer / photographer for The Argonaut 2004- present; the Writer / Editor of the monthly Between the Sheets, Marina Single Saiing News 1995; Contributing Writer for the San Francisco Beacon newspaper, 1978-1995; as the Feature Scriptwriter, of “Face Value” for Pulse Productions 1991; as a Story Analyst, Triad Artists 1990 and as a contributing writer for The Messenger newspaper 1980-1983 . He has also written eight feature length screenplays and a produced play.

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